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SR&ED Claims

SR&ED Claims

We prepare thousands of SR&ED claims for companies involved in the advancement in technology. Learn how to maximize the value of your claim.

Quantum Tax Law

Quantum Tax Law

Our law firm specializes in the following areas: Tax Law, Corporate Reorganisation, and  Intellectual Property (IP). Learn about the benefits of expert representation.

Accumulation of Assets – Danger from Taxation and Creditors

Accumulation of Assets – Danger from Taxation and Creditors

Holding assets such as cash and real estate pose a threat from taxation and creditors. Learn how you can protect your business.

Interview with Chief Justice Bowman on SR&ED

Interview with Chief Justice Bowman on SR&ED

Watch this exclusive interview with the Hon. Donald G.H. Bowman as he discusses the SR&ED program.

Overturn a Denied or Reduced SR&ED Claim

Overturn a Denied or Reduced SR&ED Claim

Many SR&ED claims are wrongly denied every year. If your claim has been denied or reduced, learn more about the appeals process.

To ensure you achieve maximum returns we will:

  • Capture all eligible activities using our proprietary Learning Centric Approach©. Most companies claiming SR&ED are leaving money behind by their choice of eligible activities.


  • Assess your claim and calculate your expenses.


  • Gather and maintain all documentation required by the CRA so that you always have organized, up-to-date records.


  • Write the technical reports. You and your staff don’t have to write anything at all.

To ensure your success we will:

  • Provide representation with the CRA. We will handle communication with CRA for you.


  • Provide expert-written technical reports. Our staff are highly trained and educated in science, engineering and taxation to provide professional written arguments on your behalf.


  • Demonstrate your claim is eligible by providing existing articles and patent applications available at the time of your claim.


  • Defend your claim during the event of a review.
  • Our team consists of our country’s top tax consultants, chartered accountants, professional engineers and technical writers. The Sheldon Group has over 20 years of experience in the field of SR&ED and corporate tax.


  • We are a full-service SR&ED firm, meaning we handle all of the work in the preparation and submission of your claim.


  • We offer accounting services in conjunction with our CA firm.


  • We supply legal counsel and litigation services to overturn denied SR&ED claims in alliance with Quantum Tax Law.

We can assist you to transact:

  • Roll-overs, reorganizations, estate freezes, discretionary trusts.


Reorganizing your company can protect you from:

  • The accumulation of assets including: excess cash, real-estate, or other investments that are not vital to your company’s day-to-day operations. These assets can be subject to high rates of taxation and are dangerous to shareholders. See our video to learn more.


  • Unprotected assets are left vulnerable to creditors and litigation.

Entrust us to provide:

  • Notice to Reader Financial Statements


  • Financial Statement Audits


  • Review Engagements


  • Full-service Accounting


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With our Law Firm Quantum Tax Law, we will:

  • Provide full legal representation on a contingency basis – we only get paid when we win.


  • File a notice of objection to the appeals division of CRA.


  • File a notice of appeal with the Tax Court of Canada.


  • Prepare settlement proposals – many SR&ED cases settle before they get to court.

The Sheldon Group and Quantum Tax Law currently represents a large percentage of all SR&ED claims before the tax court of Canada. Please see the Quantum website for more information.

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The Sheldon Group is home to a multidisciplinary team of tax consultants, chartered accountants, professional engineers, technical writers, and litigators with many decades of collective experience in the preparation, submission, and defense of SR&ED claims in all industries and provinces in Canada.

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Information Technology


Health Care Sciences

Water Purification

Computer Sciences

Heating and Air Conditioning

Plastics and Injection Moulding