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  • The Scientific Research & Experimental Development Program allows you to receive cash benefits dispensed by the Canada Revenue Agency.


  • Cash benefits are administered to businesses or individuals participating in the advancement in the general understanding of science and technology on the part of the taxpayer.


  • Up to 75% of qualified payroll expenses could be refunded to you by the filing of a successful SR&ED claim.
  • Did you know that failure to consider several tax planning issues can cause your SR&ED claim value to be reduced by as much as 70%?


  • The Sheldon Group provides expert legal and tax advice to ensure the safety and success of your claim.
  • The Sheldon Group will ensure you have everything you need for a successful SRED file/claim.


  • We help find and maintain the documents, which are required by the Canada Revenue Agency. CRA guidance documents contain provisions that are suggested in the event that detailed records of work performed are not maintained in a thorough fashion.
  • In some instances, your company’s SR&ED claim can be incorrectly assessed or even denied by the CRA, for various reasons. If that happens, we can assist you in taking the next step.


  • The Sheldon Group can represent your organization throughout this entire process and help you resolve a matter that can be complicated, confusing and overwhelming to the inexperienced individual.
  • The Sheldon Group has custom-developed processes and practices a thorough hands-on approach to help you avoid the mistakes other firms and individuals commonly make during the SR&ED application process.


  • We see the entire picture, therefore maximizing your claim by expediting the documentation process and the submission of your file.


  • We also understand what constitutes an advancement in technology and how to apply this knowledge to ensuring the success of your claim.
  • We gather all pertinent information in real time to keep clean records that are fully up-to-date.


  • We’ll find the documents you require for a successful SR&ED file and get the cash benefits you deserve.

Has your SR&ED claim been denied or do you have disputes with CRA on any tax matter?
We Can help!

  • We can assist you to overturn negative determinations by CRA even after the review


  • Our firm prepares Notices of Appeal to The tax Court of Canada and provides representation without the need for you to pay the high cost of litigation


  • Don’t be discouraged by an unfair assessment of your SR &ED claim by the CRA – Solutions are available
  • as your profitable company accumulated excess cash, real-estate or other investments that are not vital to your company’s day to day operations?
    If so, an accumulation of excess cash or other assets may result in negative tax consequences to shareholders. Quantum Tax Law can show you how to avoid pitfalls that effect many unsuspecting business owners every day.


  • Are your corporate assets protected from creditors?


  • Quantum Tax Law can help to ensure that your assets are not left vulnerable to litigation.
  • The Sheldon Group is dedicated to supporting public accountants and shareholders of small and mid-sized businesses in all jurisdictions throughout Canada.


  • We offer supplementary tax planning services that may reduce taxation at the time you sell your business or pass it down to the next generation.


  • We can also help you to realize your long-term goals while assisting you to mitigate the effects of taxation.

We are your Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Experts

The Sheldon Group can help you file for SR&ED benefits – a federal tax program designed for organizations that carry out experimental work as part of their business activity.

Who We Are

We are a team of tax practitioners who specialize in SR&ED and all associated disciplines. With decades of collective experience in helping clients successfully receive benefits, The Sheldon Group is your best investment for handling your SR&ED claim.

Located in Markham, Ontario, we are one of Canada’s leading firms in this unique specialty. Our in-house accountants, technical writers and stellar litigation team work together to get the job done as quickly as possible.

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  • What sets us apart from our competitors is the ability to uncover information that frequently gets lost in the process.


  • We have systems and procedures (such as our RTD and Time in Motion Analysis) that we put in place throughout the year to collect this information.


  • It takes experience, knowledge, and attention to detail to identify where the work meets the eligibility criteria as it appears in the Income Tax Act.
  • We take your company through the process of an SRED claim from the very beginning to the end by: collecting the necessary information and documentation to start your SR&ED claim, qualifying your claim, calculating your expenses, writing the required technical reports, reviewing the entire claim, filing the claim on your behalf and representing your organization with the CRA.
  • We are a team of tax practitioners who specialize in SR&ED and all associated disciplines. With decades of collective experience in helping clients successfully receive benefits.


  • Our in-house accountants, technical writers and stellar litigation team work together to get the job done as quickly as possible.


  • Our mission is to uncover less than obvious SR&ED opportunities and activity that other organizations cannot.
  • The SR&ED program is envisioned to inspire businesses of all sizes, particularly small to medium and start-up firms, to handle research and development which leads to the advancement of products, processes, technologies and more.


  • The Canadian SR&ED tax incentive is the government’s biggest program implemented to support research and development.


  • Canada has one of the more substantial R&D programs in the world.
  • Every company we work for is different. Each provides a unique vision, set of skills and incomparable value to their industries.


  • Through statistical analysis, our firm has discovered that incidents of learning often occur outside of traditional SR&ED projects – which invariably, are left behind.
  • You have some unique to offer. Don’t that go unnoticed. The Sheldon Group is able to properly identify what makes your work unique and applicable for SRED cash benefits.


  • The Sheldon Group has the ability to identify what other firms do not. If you have received negative information about your chances of a successful SRED application, don’t lose hope. Call The Sheldon Group.


  • If you believe in your product, research or development, then we believe in you. Don’t let up to 75% of qualified payroll expenses slip through your fingers. Contact The Sheldon Group today.

The following industries qualify for SR&ED benefits:







Information Technology


Science/Health Care

Water purification

Computer Science

Heating and Air Conditioning

Plastics and injection molding