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Everyone has heard of stories of the CRA denying SR&ED claims for lack of documentation.

May companies who have had their SR&ED claims reviewed by CRA are left puzzled as to what type of contemporaneous documentation is really necessary to support their SR&ED claims.

Anyone can say they advanced technology by exceeding routine engineering.

But the question remains, exactly what have you exceeded? And, how do you define routine engineering in the first place?

So why should CRA or anyone else accept that you have advanced technology by exceeding routine engineering? If it’s just because you say so; or if you’re relying only on test results, log books, time records or other documents demonstrating technological uncertainties you may still fall short.

In order to ensure that your claims are well substantiated in income tax law, expert legal and tax advice is needed to assist you in this otherwise elusive pursuit.

Receive the Cash Benefits You Deserve

When applying for SR&ED benefits there is a requirement for contemporaneous documentation. These are the files created at the time of scientific research and experimental development activities, documenting the processes which took place. This documentation is often difficult to locate, and setting time aside to find it can be especially frustrating with the deadlines imposed by the CRA.

The Sheldon Group has a methodology that allows us to make it easier for companies to maintain these types of documents that are required when filing an SR&ED claim.

What distinguishes The Sheldon Group from our competitors is our variety of exceptional services. We bring knowledge, experience, and versatility when it comes to producing an SR&ED claim on your behalf. We make sure every detail is attended to so you can receive your cash benefits as soon as possible without unnecessary delays. The experts at The Sheldon Group fully understand what is required for a successful SR&ED claim.

Our Real Time Documentation Program (RTD) is an integral part of this process. This unique program enables us to gather pertinent information in real time and keep clean records that are fully up to date. Our RTD Program helps both our firm and your organization see the entire picture, therefore maximizing your claim by expediting the documentation process and the submission of your file.


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The Sheldon Group understands that your time is valuable. Don’t waste it by trying to produce an SR&ED claim yourself. Allow the experience and quality of service offered by The Sheldon Group help you find the documents you require for a successful SR&ED claim. Get the cash benefits you deserve.

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