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"You may only be claiming half of what you are entitled to"

Everyone who has claimed SR&ED knows the drill. You look for projects that would qualify and be long enough to claim. At the end of the process, you will end up with your larger projects which will make up the bulk of your claim.

If this is what you do, you may only be claiming half of what you are entitled to. Since most companies in Canada use this approach, so you are most likely leaving money behind.

The Sheldon Group has spent many years developing our Learning Centric Approach© which allows us to help you claim every claimable activity, no matter how small it may seem.

The question is, how do you claim activities which occurred outside of a larger project?

"The acquisition of knowledge that is not generally accessible"

As you may know, SR&ED can be defined as the acquisition of knowledge that is not generally accessible to a competent professional in his field. This means that every time your company learns something new, it should be part of your SR&ED claim.

In our 20 years of experience in the field of SR&ED, we found most learning occurs randomly and unpredictably. This gain in knowledge is often times not associated with just one particular business project, or may be scattered across hundreds of projects.

Seemingly unrelated incidents of learning can often times amount to more hours than your larger business projects. Thus, you may be leaving behind up to 50% of your claim, or even more.

Claiming these separate activities possible because of the definition of a project in income tax law. It is quite different than what you may consider to be a project in the business sense. Please see our blog post on SR&ED projects for more information.



"Accepted by the CRA"

Our Learning Centric Approach enables you to linearize seeming unrelated activities in a logical format, which is accepted by the CRA. The Sheldon Group has spent many years developing methodologies that allow us to be able to capture incidents of learning which often occur randomly and unpredictably.

It takes experience, knowledge, and attention to detail to identify eligibility, linearize unrelated activities, and properly document technological uncertainties and advancements. Allow our extensive knowledge of the SR&ED program combined with our exceptional approval rate help you receive the benefit you deserve.

Contact us today to see how your company can dramatically boost the value of your claim using our Learning Centric Approach.

*Please see our related blog post for more information on SR&ED projects.